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Hello, I'm Ayoub

I've been dabbling in software development and design for the past 8 years and I've been working on this website for the past 9. Guess it's time to launch something to show for it.

I mostly work in full-stack web product development with a focus on the frontend side of things. I have a deep love for building great looking, intuitive interfaces that enable people to achieve their goals in a simple and efficient way.

My current availability right now is fairly limited , don't hesitate about contacting me if you have a project in mind.


A little collection of some nice things I'm doing right now that I kinda like. These are updated every now and then so come back later, there could be something new you didn't see last time.

I've been playing around with a lot of new design styles as of lately and I've been enjoying printing them way more than I ever expected. Here's a selection of my latest ones.

Dolce far niente
Free speech
The Planner
Pasticciotto ergo sum
The portal
Final frontier

Personal corner

So, you landed on my website right? My website.This is where I take control of the narrative and dump a bunch of completely work-unrelated things that I care way too much about and that I for some reason crave to lay down in a strict code and grid-based layout for the sheer love of it. Enjoy the ride!

Ever since being in Rotterdam I've been obsessed about coffee. Like, really obsessed. At this point I think I went over the whole videography of James Hoffman at least thrice and I've collected enough gear to open my own small cafe. Here you can see what I'm currently playing around and some writing on the latest coffee experiences I had, both at home and in cafes

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